Drop dead gorgeous!!


imageNow I can make that outrageous comment because I didn’t make this quilt other than the final assembly. Virtually all of the blocks come from my wonderful bee mates of the Siblings Together Bee 2.

I was Bee mamma for the very first time last September.  Siblings Together is a UK-based charity that brings together siblings that are split up in our care system for a holiday where happy memories of being together can be made and bonds kept alive. Each year quilters across the world make something like hundred quilts so that each child on these camps can have their own as momento of this special time together. There are lots of initiatives to get quilters involved and if you want to find  out more do visit their blog.

Being relatively new to quilting and feeling a bit nervous about taking on the responsibility of other people making for me I did lots of research as I tend to do when I’m unsure about things. As an aside ahead of having our first child I read so many parenting books I could have passed a masters degree in child care although hands on experience was nil!!    Some of it even came in useful! Any way back to my quilt research I learnt people liked reasonably quick and easy blocks, preferably enabling them to use scraps, with a fairly broad colour range and from the mama’s perspective an overall design with wriggle room in case the blocks are inconsistently sized. Well step forward the Fieldcrossing quilt , a free design from Cloud Nine,  it has all these elements and more. Heaven  knows  why it is called Field Crossing but it is a beautiful design.

So we now have a finished quilt and isn’t she a stunner. I think it may be my favourite quilt to date.

The assembly was a doddle and  an interesting fact which I think explains its beauty is there are over 50 different fabrics in there. And looked at individually you wouldn’t think they would complement each other but they very clearly do because together the whole mixture works together magically.


I chose an all over fmq design of curves to complement the pointy elements of this design. The wadding was Dream Puff and the finished quilting was certainly more pronounced and puffy. Apparently it’s nice and warm and not as thin feeling as some other waddings. Don’t worry I shan’t be sleeping under it to check the product’s claims!!


In fact it must’ve been an easy block to make because most of the members very kindly sent me way more than I asked for, in fact enough to create two quilts. This is the other  one.


I wanted this one to have a bit more masculine feel to it hence it’s rather strong graphic design. It’s also made thinking that there will probably be teenage boys and some will be very tall. I think I may have reached the absolute maximum size on my domestic sewing machine. Just now need to get these labelled and off.  Am I the only one who hates the labelling…..

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17 thoughts on “Drop dead gorgeous!!

  1. Gorgeous quilts. So great to get two from the bee.
    Thanks for Linking up.
    I wonder if it would be possible to have a copy of your post for the Siblings Together Quilt Group blog. We would love some stories of the quilts for the blog particularly the bee quilts.


  2. These are gorgeous! The second, more masculine, quilt is just amazing with all of that beautiful, contrasting blue. I am always forgetting about the label, then having to dash it off at the last moment!


  3. It definitely IS drop-dead gorgeous! I love it and have gone to the Cloud 9 site, where I will go again to save or download the pattern (the link took me away from your blog and I wanted to comment!) From having a friend who is in the bee experience and is not a happy camper with some of the intense blocks, like she, an incredibly talented sewist took 1.5 days to do one block… I bet everyone loved your simplicity, that packs SUCH a WOW punch. Love your lilac cat; I have a chocolate tips (or points?) Himalayan who makes regular appearances on my blog, LOVES fabric and quilts. Chuckled aloud at your quip, ‘Some of it even came in useful!’ about parenting LOL.


  4. WOW! What a fantastic program for the kids and such a special memento to take with them. I have not seen this quilt pattern before and I immediately saved the link. I love it! Those colors do blend beautifully together. How great to get enough blocks to make two quilts as well. Love how you’ve put them all together and quilted them. Beautiful work!


  5. They are amazing! I love both and thank you so much for diving in and making them. They will be much appreciated. Thank you for participating in the 2016FAL, on behalf of all the hosts


  6. Wow, those are two beautiful quilts! I love both designs. Thanks for the inspiration, now I have another idea pinned 🙂

    I do not mind the labeling – if I remember to do it before quilting. Then I just stitch the label on the back by machine. If I do forget that – yes I hate it – like every kind of hand sewing. Currently I am out of labels and of quilt names it appears…


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