Pets on a Quilt

How could I resist this link up with Lily Pad Quilting’s annual pet show. This is a fun link up for quilters with rather too much fondness of taking pics of their four legged friends  but if pets or cats in particular aren’t your thing then skip by. You can offer up two entries so there will be a double dose…

Anybody who follows social media will see pampered pets in any number of photos. In fact often more so than children. Certainly my teens would extract a very significant bribe in order to appear in photographs and certainly any that were going to be published on the Internet!  My cats come free, well if you exclude the food, vets bills, insurance but they are worth every penny. So here is my first cat on a quilt – Skye looking like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth  however whilst I struggled with the layout  she was banned from the room. But she snooked in…



Because last time when left alone with a scrappy quilt where the layout was being played with this is what happened…


Everyone says it but there is something about a quilt, I guess it’s the new fabric and the fact they are squishy,  that seems to draw cats from all corners of the house. Even small quilt blocks get the same attention.  This picture is a good example, I’d gone to the top of the house where there is a sky light window overlooking a small landing – a great spot where the downward light sorts out a multitude of problems if it’s not as neat as it could be!!  But almost immediately given the 2000+ sq feet of space they have to choose from in the house they chose the very same 6 square feet I’m photographing!!  Now onto the next post – pets in a quilt….



17 thoughts on “Pets on a Quilt

  1. Fabric really does lure the pets in. Maybe it’s because they like to be the center of attention, LOL. Skye is beautiful, even if she does like to rearrange quilt blocks.


  2. I love their inspection qualities and yes Cats are number one at that although our dog does have a good go at getting in on the act, especially when I am sewing on the binding. Hugs, Susie x


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