Siblings Together Bee 7 – November block Warming up for Winter


This is the Bee block for November. It’s a lovely simple block and one of those blocks that looks so much better when in a crowd of blocks. I was inspired by Carole of @therunninghare who made a quilt around the time I was first starting out in 2015, and I just loved it. I thought it looked really complicated and way beyond me. If you look on her Instagram feed around that time you’ll see it, I think it’s called a quilt for Eleri. Carol choose to make hers  in a mixture of greens and blues.

But with this being made on Halloween evening (going to the wire!)  I’ve gone for these warm peach and deep orange colours.  For this quilt I’d like similarly warm colours taken from the colour wheel below where the arrows are. It can be a solid or a print and the neutral can be any low volume. I’d prefer just two warm coloured fabrics per block. So one print/solid for the half square triangle and one for the cross.


For one block and I’d like two please…

Low volume/neutral fabric
Two warm coloured fabrics either print or solid like mustard, orange, red, warm yellow, etc which contrast with each other

To make 4 HSTs
2 times 5” squares of the first warm coloured fabric
2 times 5” squares of a neutral/low volume fabric

For the central cross
2 times 4.5” squares of the second  warm coloured fabric
1 times 4.5” by 12.5” of the second warm coloured fabric

Scant 1/4” seam throughout

Use whatever method you prefer for making unfinished 4 1/2 inch HSTs. The sizes above assume you pair low volume with a coloured fabric and sew two lines down the centre line and cut. As per the picture below. I’m sure if you try really hard you’ll be able to have wobbly lines like me!


Now sew the block together as in the picture below.


It really is as easy as that! As you can see I was a bit lazy and made enough HSTs for two blocks but don’t feel you have to do that.

I had company tonight. Forgive the night time pictures but Bella is growing. She dutifully welcomed the Halloween tricksters and went down a storm with them.