June’s Siblings Together block for Bee 2

Even with lockdown slightly easing here is the UK it has been the strangest of times of uncertainty and for many, real financial worry and stress. So I think a particularly simple but hopefully effective block for this month of June for members of Bee 2 is called for. I’ve seen it used on a number of ST quilts and they always look good. I’m sorry my brain is not up to originality at the moment!

I keep trying to explain to my children that they are living through an historic time. I suppose Brexit was too but it got soooo boring towards the end, we nearly all lost the will to live! This period of time is certainly not boring and the most over used word of now is ‘unprecedented’! My children remain unimpressed but in the main reasonably content with life particularly now they can meet up with one or two friends.

Anyway to the block for this month. As I said it’s really easy for that sort of brainless activity which I find very soothing at times like these. Not that of course times have been exactly like this….

So to the blocks themselves, I would like you to make 4 please.

Two blocks need to have a centre of blue or green with bright white borders and the other the reverse with a green or blue border and a bright white centre.

The measurements are as follows.

You will need for the white border block

2 x 8” by 3” strips of bright white

2 x 3” square of bright white

And 1 x 3”square blue or green

For the green/blue bordered block it is the reverse

2 x 8” by 3” strips in a green or blue fabric

2 x 3” square in green or blue fabric

1 x 3” square of bright white

Please admire my new pristine ironing mat. It won’t be like this for long I assure you!

Sew together as shown below

And hey presto a block…..

Can you please trim to 8” square.

I have to say these were chain pieced and they come together so fast and no need for careful matching. My sort of block!

Here’s what the overall effect will be.

As always any queries don’t hesitate to get back to me. Thanks everyone and take care.

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