October block for Siblings Together Bee 4.5 – a backward look

Well the name Bee 4.5 seems to have stuck given we’ve combined Bee 2 and Bee 9. I didn’t do maths A level for nothing it seems! But don’t let your creative minds be discouraged if you have a better idea….

October really begins to be Autumn for me and this year it feels such a very strange end to the year. And what a year!

But back to our monthly block I am going to be very cheeky. I did think about an entirely new block but I am concious that as both Bee 2 and Bee 7 were waning towards the end of the bee year I am really rather short of blocks for 2 quilts, one from Bee 2 and the other from Bee 7

I then had, for me at least, a bit of a brain wave, a rare event indeed, and thought now we have a combined bee then those from old bee 2 could do the blocks I asked bee 7 for and vice versa. So new blocks for everyone and more blocks to make up a quilt which I guess it is what it is all about.

So if you were in Bee 2 can you please make the blocks in this post….. https://thelilaccat.com/2020/03/01/march-siblings-together-bee-7-improv-flying-geese/

Ands if you werer in bee 7 last year then can you please make the blocks in this post…. https://thelilaccat.com/2020/03/31/aprils-siblings-together-block-for-bee-2/

I should have plenty to get these quilt tops made. Many thanks everyone.