Siblings Together Quilts

Many of us in the quilting world support this wonderful charity by helping to make quilts which are gifted to children in care in the U.K. separated from their siblings. The charity Siblings Together brings together such children for holidays and outings and as a memento of the time shared with their siblings they are gifted a quilt. In the UK summer evenings can be chilly particularly if you are camping so these quilts are to give comfort and warmth, echoing the relationships of the siblings themselves.

Here are the quilts I’ve been involved with either as mama or just my own I’ve donated.




Bit of a cheat here – bonus quilt made from blocks made by Bee 2 but gifted to Grenfell


Bee 2 – Hourglass 2 –


Bee 2 – Lake Cabin Quilt with a lot of blocks also made by Bee 4 waiting fir this new Bee to properly kick off



Bee 2 – Hourglass 1


Medallion quilt




Bee 2 – Scrappy boxes


Scrappy String quilt


Bee 2  – Field Crossing

FB1E09D8-E1F4-4533-B0DC-97103D93BBBFMy first attempt at curved seams