Le Challenge – Blossom



Now this post  may seem like I’m trying to be teacher’s pet given that the pattern for this wonderful Stitchy Pie needle case is by one of the organisers of Le challenge, Lucy at Charm About You  but I assure it isn’t like that! This was a purchase to support May is for Makers an initiative by Lindsay Rhodes to recognise just how much free quilty stuff is out there by supporting those who make very hefty contributions to all that on tap inspiration by designing patterns and sewing products.

I loved the look of these needle cases once the design came out and my current needle cases, shall we say, need refreshing. I was inspired by this post by Kerry with a beautiful version of her own.  I used a very sweet pink Blossom material for the binding, a text print and some pinky flowers from a scrap piece of material fused on and then stitched round.

I am sure it’s not lost on you the  irony of machine embroidery on a needle case for handstitching needles!  I’m afraid handstitching is not my favourite thing but Kerry’s post also opened my eyes to the complexity of needle choice given that my go to needles in the past have generally been economy packs of multi sizes. It may just be the reason why I don’t enjoy hand stitching that I never have the right needle for the job. So armed with Kerry’s advice I splashed out and bought some proper fit-for-purpose needles. First job was to sew back on the blazer badge for one of the children. It certainly was a cinch to go through the very thick badge material but the eye of the needle will, trust me, not take even a microscopic camel!!

I am sure more of these stitchy pies are in  my future not least because the one above in fact isn’t full of needles yet but my home-made alphabet pins!




5 thoughts on “Le Challenge – Blossom

  1. Teacher’s pet, hehehe, love your homemade alphabet pins and some nice needle purchases there, it will be fun for you to sew up another Stitchy Pie needlecase, so they can go in a proper place.


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