Vanilla Selection


I fully accept these are not colours to set the modern quilter alight!  This is your classic vanilla collection in both colour range and lack of variety I’m afraid. But of course some projects call for more muted tones. In fact what I was really looking for at the Malvern Quilt Show this week were batiks…. Not my usual selection, indeed other than some Alison Glass fabrics, I don’t have any but I want to have a go at an animal portrait of our lilac cat and batiks give that colour variation that looks more natural.  But no joy, plenty of batiks there but none in neutral so fabrics from Moda Basic Gray, Black Tie Range and some Moda Grunge fitted the bill. The aim is  to have a go at some hopefully passing resemblance to our champagne coloured cat. Time will tell… Frankly I suspect that buying the fabric will be the easiest part of the task!

imageCouldn’t resist this stripe for binding my latest Siblings Together Quilt, at £6 per metre it was an absolute steal. And a couple of half metres of the green in Janet Clare’s  Nocturne range. Ultimately destined for My Small World quilt which really needs to come off the backburner.

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