One Monthly Goal for July


No it’s not to finish my Glitter quilt, a wonderful design by Jen Kingwell. I’ve only just started and the current plan is to make enough to make a lap quilt. I think that means up to 70 -90 blocks so it’s more of a One Decade Goal!!  But I wanted a hand stitching project which would enable me to be with the family rather than tucked away in the sewing room. Weekend evenings are often film/netflix nights but the sort of movies or tv programmes the children favour really don’t float my boat so having a distraction keeps me sane.

It also gives me a chance to join in the fun of #saturdaynightcraftalong on IG hosted in the UK by Lucy of Charmaboutyou , but also hosted at the relevant time in both the US and Australia.  You can share progress on IG on what you are making so do join in, the more the merrier.

I’ve loved this Glitter block design from the start and recently got the book which included the design as part of my purchases under May is for Makers. So what’s my one monthly goal  well it’s to make a zipped bag to hold all of my hand stitching supplies. This is for the initiative set up by Heidi of Red Letter Quilts to get us quilters focused.

I’m thinking of a slimmer version of the bionic bag.  I love the tray it makes at the front but I probably won’t need as many pockets.  This is the one I made for my sewing supplies which replaced my sew together bag which I liked but didn’t have as much space as I needed and is absolutely indispensable.

imageimage I made another bionic bag for all my chargers but this time with see through zip pockets because I am forever leaving chargers behind.


So to fabric choices. Not sure yet and of course that’s half the fun. I bought these recently and they may feature. Just need to make up my mind oh and then make it!!


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