One Monthly Goal – September

I’m afraid the August OMG , run by Heidi at Redletter Quilts, rather passed me by partly because we were away up in the Rocky Mountains for the critical link up and with no wifi, no cell and amazingly no moans from my teens it wasn’t going to happen! But also it was a no goer because my sewing room looked like this….


This is what happens when you agree with your daughter she can put stuff in your sewing room whilst she is redecorating her room.  The proviso was I still had to have space to sew.  Well unless I learned to levitate that wasn’t going to happen! Anyway her room is now finished, loads of junk has been chucked  and her room looks great but best of all I have my sewing room back so no excuse for my September OMG which is to complete the Urban Candy quilt by Sew Kind of Wonderful using the Quick Curve Ruler.

The curves were easy to do but the trimming was not. Maybe my curve sewing wasn’t accurate enough. Just as well I’m not a perfectionist as there are quite a few less than smooth joins.


Here it is at the block laying point. This was my quick and fun submission for the pets on a quilt competition over at Lilypads Quilting. As you can see I’ve gone for the scrappy look, all warm colours but different colour values and scale. The sharp eyed will see a mistake in this layout.  I always love it when quilters show mistakes and then let you seek and find…


Fortunately I found the mistake as the top was being assembled so it was easy to correct.

Apologies for night photo but it’s biggish and will be chunky because it will have a wool batting and flannel backing so basting will be a pain.  But I’m so looking forward to having it on my bed because this one’s all mine….and our nights are getting decidedly cooler.


3 thoughts on “One Monthly Goal – September

  1. That looks wonderful! I love the clarity of the design and the variety of reds. Will you baste with pins or spray baste it? I have fallen in love with spray basting, which I have taken to doing on my dining room table. Much easier on the back and knees! Good luck! Can’t wait to see it finished!


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