Quilters’ Blog Festival 2016 – second entry (but am I cheating?)


I’ve decided for my second entry, after much cogitation, to enter my favourite quilt I’ve made this year, this beauty….. The original post is here



But there lies the rub, it’s not really my quilt in that aside from assembling it by adding the sashing and making a few of the blocks and of course doing the quilting it is in large part, certainly the beautiful scrappy part, the result of the hard work of my fellow bee members of the Siblings Together Bee 2.  This wonderful charity provides quilts for children at special camps which bring together children in the UK care system who are separated from their siblings.  The holiday gives them a chance to bond and create happy memories and the quilt is a reminder of that time….and because we have such chilly evenings even in Summer!!!

I’ve seen other bee quilts in the festival so I don’t think I’m breaking any rules but be assured any prizes will be used for the charity.

I’m entering it into the scrappy category because it is just that, wonderfully scrappy. There are over 50 fabrics in this quilt, some beautiful, some well not so beautiful but when they come all together the magic happens and it becomes something really special.


It was my first time as mama and I had great fun picking on a quilt design and block. I found this free pattern called Fieldcrossing by Cloud Nine. It had the perfect bee block really simple to make and ideal for scraps. Blues and greens always work for me and is my teens’ favourite colour combination so has universal appeal, I hope!


I love to think that somewhere in the UK some child or young person is tucked up with this and feel it’s theirs as children in care often have very little that is exclusively their own and certainly not hand made. Being part of is bee with its lovely people and making a contribution to this charity is a privilege.

Thanks again to Amy of Amy’s Creative Side for all the organisation and hard work of running the festival. It is such  a celebration of quilting and a highlight of this weekend for me, when the entries are closed, is catching up on all those quilts. I hope my children don’t expect me to cook, clean and chauffeur this weekend – they are going to be disappointed!!!



2 thoughts on “Quilters’ Blog Festival 2016 – second entry (but am I cheating?)

  1. No, you are not cheating. I’m so glad you shared about this quilt, the pattern, your bee, and the wonderful charity to which it will be donated. All of which were really interesting to hear about. I even learned a new word–cogitation.


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