A quilt for Tomas – in memory


Today is a very sad day in our household.  The dear grandson of one of our closest family friends died in late November and today we will be at his funeral. It shouldn’t happen that a 3 year old succombs to pneumonia but despite every care this tragedy happened to this wonderful family.

Tomas genuinely was a child that lit up a room, as so often with children with Downs Sydrome he had that quality that draws people in.  And in his large and loving extended family was adored by them all. His loss is just huge for his family, please remember them in your prayers

I made Tomas this  quilt when he was beginning to learn to sign and speak and I thought an I spy quilt would be just the thing.  And indeed he loved it and would look for his favourite pictures. When I was making it, and being one of my earliest quilts oh does it have many inaccuracies and wonky quilting, thank heavens I couldn’t see ahead but just enjoyed the process of making something for a wonderful little boy



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