Christmas finishes – only 5 days late or 361 days early…

I wanted to get these last Christmassy things finished before Christmas but  prior to the holiday  time ran away with me but it is my One Monthly Goal so I wanted to get them done. Christmas past or present they are settling into their new home!

First off is a robin wallhanging.





Quite simple and sweet. I used my favourite raw appliqué technique from Lara Bucella’s book Crafted Appliqué and used Vilene s320, a stiffish iron on interfacing, to give the Essex Yarn Dyed fabric a bit more substance and make it less crinkly.


The first attempt is here – forgive the awful lighting


This was too simple and quite boring so I cut it down in size and did a flange binding, a first for  me, to add some colour and interest. It’s quite tricky  to get the inner binding an equal width and normally I’d have redone it but this was already the second time I’d bound it so as this is a quilt which will only come out once a year it will do.

And the last thing was converting this orphan block into a cushion.


It had been rejected because the top blocks were too small. It was a very quick fix and the finished block made a great focal point for the cushion. The outer border has mitred corners and I was surprised how easy but effective these are. And in contrast to an earlier occasion this one has a bound edge and not a piped finish. I think I prefer the piped look but it’s much harder work and for a quick finish the binding works well. Whilst the design doesn’t scream Christmas it adds a festive touch.


Linking up with Patty of Elm Street Quilts. And also Amanda Jean of Crazy Mom Quilts 

3 thoughts on “Christmas finishes – only 5 days late or 361 days early…

  1. Both of these projects turned out great! With each project, we can learn something new and make it better next time. Looks like you’ve already done that. I especially like your pillow!


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