A design wall at last

I’ve long envied quilters with large expansive  design walls. They are so useful for holding blocks in process, great for trying out different designs and colour combinations and they give a quilter’s sewing room, well, the proper look.

But with rooms given over to the children and general living coupled with wall mounted radiators I don’t have a nice spare wall. But it did strike me that maybe I could squeeze In half a design wall….

Utilising a quilt that was neither fish nor fowl in that it was an odd size, rather stiff from lots of quilting and hadn’t really found a home it could double up as a large wallhanging and then on the reverse, with the addition of gridded flannel it could be a design wall!

It was a simple job of inserting a 6mm pole into the binding channel which is a tip I picked up from Barbara over at Cat Patches (quite the funniest blog around)


and then sewed on the grey flannel. In fact with the benefit of hindsight I should have reversed the process.


Anyway here it is up as a wallhanging…


And a quick turn round – a design wall, at last!



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5 thoughts on “A design wall at last

  1. You are so clever! This is such a great idea! When the need to have the decorator touch, you can just flip over the design wall to show the great quilt! I also like that rod pocket idea!


  2. I use a beige queen size flat flannelette sheet, with a rod threaded through the top hem, hung from three hooks high up on the wall. It’s not as substantial as your lovely hanging, and it does flap a bit in the breeze from the aircon, but it’s huge and you can take it down if you need to. I can’t do without it any more!


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