It’s curtains for me…


Yes it is quite literally curtains for me. Long overdue curtains for our front room which is supposed to be the teen lounge.   So far they refuse to use it because with no curtains and facing the road they feel they are being stared at. It’s nonsense as the house is set back but I guess with dark evenings and the lights on there is a sense of being in a goldfish bowl.


Its a mystery to me that despite loving sewing, duty sewing always falls off the list… after all it’s fabric and sewing but still curtains are boring and cumbersome. This is for a large bay window and I’m going to adapt some ready made curtains but which come with eyelets and I need a different curtain heading. It seemed such a good idea when I bought them…which was 5 months ago. But I must brace myself…

So I have two One Monthly Goals my own personal goal of these curtains and one with Patty at Elm Street Quilts which will be  much more fun finishing off this scrap quilt.

img_5158img_0065It needs basting and then quilting. Don’t be surprised if the quilt comes first…..

Linking up with Patty at Elm Street Quilts  for February’s One Monthly Goal  


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