Those pesky angles…



Quite early on in my quilt journey I tackled half square triangles (hst)and made this quilt for a friend’s first grandchild. They were reasonably easy although I’m sure a few points got lost on the way so I thought I’d progress to half  rectangle triangles.


Now my basic maths knowledge recognised that these would be more tricksy because the angle of a half rectangle triangle (hrt), where the sides will be two different lengths, will vary whereas for a hst its always 90 degrees. Well I thought I got this sussed but sadly not.  They ended up all over the place in terms of size…. I used the tutorial on the Modern Quilt Guild i.e. went to the experts, but their method didn’t work for me. I started making these but then got distracted but I have this quilt in mind for a child, not one of mine, the colourway is a million miles away from theirs, so I want to get that finished sometime soon. You can see from the diamonds made that there is inconsistent piecing so points would be lost. Oh and they are all supposed to be the same size….



I should have persevered but went the easy route which was to buy a die for my Accuquilt. Then with perfect cut pieces with neatly cut off corners you can more easily match the edges – in theory. But I never tested the theory as I’d lost heart but recently, wanting to get back to that quilt, I thought the design would look good on a long cushion for the bed. It would be a good test of whether I’d improved and get some practice in to make these blocks. So  I blew the dust off the die, cut a bunch of pieces and then sewed them together to check whether I had actually got more accurate and/or using die cut pieces was more fool proof. Well one of those statements is true because this time they came out with 1/4″ seams and points to match. I found carefully pressing the seams so they locked when you butted them up against each made a huge difference.


it wasn’t all plain sailing as you have to remember that you can’t just switch them round like a hst so they still fit, those pesky angles again, you have to have enough sewn pieces with the seam going each way. So in the picture below the four pieced together hrt will not fit together to make a diamond because the seam goes right to left. They need four hrt with the seam running the other way.



It also occurred to me, which it certainly wouldn’t have done a couple of years ago, that I need a pressing plan. In other words a clear diagram on which way to press seams so at the overlapping points they all fold over neatly not get bunched up.  So it’s been a useful exercise.

I used two layers of batting on the front to accentuate the quilting but it is such a stuffed pillow that you can’t really see the padded effect. By contrast the back is from the head board material and I wanted to quilt this but it was so stiff the quilting lines didn’t show. I’m not complaining, that saved me 30 minutes of sewing on a busy day


I found it was quite time consuming piecing on the angle and I’d need well over 100 hrt to make a mid sized quilt. I may need to think about some sashing or playing with the design. Or of course cut my own hrt but using a bigger size than the die. Now that really would see whether I’d improved. I must have a play.


Linking up with Amanda Jean of Crazy Mom Quilts  who has own beautiful quilt on her blog.

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