Sunday stash – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly….

What with one thing and another I’ve been doing some fabric purchasing. I never need much of an excuse. But I’ve been yet again caught out by colours on websites versus real life. But in the order of the title above….

The Good


I’m bravely going where I’ve not trod before doing a quilt for a competitive show.  It needs to be in various shades of yellow to fit the decor of the space it’s due to hang,  a rather dark but largish space at the foot of the top floor stairs. So I ordered a bunch of yellows from Duck Egg Threads. They were the largest stockists I could find of Pure Elements in the U.K., the solids brand of AGF. I’d been recommended them by IG friends and they don’t disappoint. They have that lovely soft silky hand of AGF fabrics and while they don’t have the range of colours as Kona they have a nicer feel and if I can’t find a yellow from that collection well I need to think again.


The Bad

Another good thing is the excellent labelling. This is in contrast to a similar bunch of fabrics from Oakshott where I’d ordered a chunk of satsuma and it’s rather more orange than the online picture. I really should have realised from the name!! But ‘the bad’ is no labelling and I’ve no idea of the two paler colours which is which. I didn’t ask them to be labelled but I did rather assume they would be. I did order a colour swatch (which covers their autumn colours not these neutral ones ) so I can order some yellows with confidence. Although whether I need to now I’m not sure.



The Ugly

Now for the ugly. We’ve all done it….. adding to orders to ‘make the postage worthwhile’. I needed some Makower cream linen fabric for a planned project so I threw in the basket a few extra FQs for good measure. I’m very low on purples and although not my go to colour it is often asked for in charity blocks. And for various reasons I have on occasions needed a brown. Anyway I bought these. The Jen Kingwell Gardenvale fabric  is OK but the rest……yep ugly.




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