May’s Goal

Writing that title almost sounds like a political statement. Theresa May certainly has got her work cut out…..

Anyway unlike Theresa May’s goals of winning the general election and securing a successful Brexit  I am much more prosaically referring of course to the fact it’s time to set my One Monthly Goal for Patty of Elm Street Quilts.

The quilt I’ve just finished was a completely unnecessary quilt and was a diversionary tactic from the real task at hand of having a go at a show quilt, yes one that will be judged! So to spur me on it will be my goal to ‘make significant progress’ and to be more specific that I will have made at least two thirds of the blocks needed to make up the quilt top. Niow I’ve said it, time will tell whether it happens!

I have started and here is the first block and also the various fabrics I’ve ordered.



I’m trying out Art Gallery’s Pure Elements solids.  They don’t have the colour range of Kona but they are beautifully silky to touch. But the first block was made a month ago. There really is no excuse for not making more progress with a Summer deadline. So what’s stopping me? I think it’s the lack of a clear design and knowing there will be a lot of experimentation and agonising over colour and design choices all set against the backdrop of someone judging my stitches, design and overall accuracy. I’m used to a freer hand. The theory is it’s going to be similar to this quilt but then different. Helpful eh? I have ideas but nothing definite. I think I just need to make lots of blocks and then play with the layout. So rather like Theresa I need to grit my teeth and get on with it….

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