Sunday stash – my most expensive fabric purchase ever

IMG_7185Yes  I thought I would confess straightaway.  Maybe its my prostestant work ethic but on one hand I feel I have to defend myself for my profligacy.  But on the other hand I think well  its my money and no one will starve because of this purchase.  And in the scheme of things paying £28 for a metre of fabric is hardly the stuff of banking crises.  But for me it seems a lot. But of course its for the lovely Kirstine in Wild Rose from Outback Wife by Australian Gertrude Made.  It has a quaint backstory that each fabric line is named after a real life  ‘outback wife’ in rural Australia.

This line has had sewists raving, both dressmakers and quilters. It has a vintage feel enhanced by being printed on bark cloth. And if you are a mid century child then one touch will take you back to fabric of that era.

I was being tempted by some of the wonderful makes on IG.  I buckled after a fairly normal Saturday of giving child no. 2 and child no. 3, my 14 year old twins, £20 each to go ice skating and to the cinema respectively to include a snack lunch. Obviously they don’t socialise together (perish the thought!).  So I thought I shall have my own treat….



Having made a few of these trays/baskets by Anna Graham of Noodlehead with great success and at least 2 of which have been gifted I need more in my future. Although you can make them with quilting cotton they look particularly good in linen so I ordered some Euclid screen prints from Caroline Friedman bought from the Purple Stitches. They came beautifully wrapped with ribbon.


I have to say our online fabric shops do wrap our fabric beautifully, often with handwritten notes. An example were these beauties from Olive and Flo, the parrot in the background is the tissue paper they arrived in.


The left is one of the fabrics from Rifle and Co’s new Menagerie line. That bright yellow is in fact a metallic gold and on the right Alison Glass batik. I also bought 2m of Pure Elements Dark Night but that was cut up almost within minutes of arrival! These were normal prices indeed the AG was in the sale.  Always have a look there so its not profligacy all the time!

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3 thoughts on “Sunday stash – my most expensive fabric purchase ever

  1. Well, I expect I will not be the only quilter to read this out to my dearly belovèd, just so he will realise that by comparisin I am really quile restrained!
    Seriously the pleasure we get from handling, hoarding, and finally using lovely fabric is not to be treated lightly.
    Do show us what you use that delicious fabric for…one day. Kate


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