Christmas gifts

97C63443-51BB-4415-A1DA-8CF9FFF8F81FI’d like to say that my desire to give some hand sewn gifts was entirely altruistic and focused on the particular likes and dislikes of  the recipients in mind. But, unfortunately, that wouldn’t be true! It’s more like I fancied making these particular items and I was going to fit gift to recipient regardless!

First off was the Devon Pouch by Svetlana Sotak. I’ve made many zipped pouches and gifted a fair number. My favourite design to date has been the Lola pouch also by Svetlana.  This was a gift I made early this year…


But the Devon pouch has become my go to pouch of choice. I like the two zips and the chance to fussy cut as you can see with this swallow.

B538CD2F-99B3-48DD-AD63-66630FA14B5EThe pattern is as ever clearly written and easy to follow.  It comes in two sizes.  The swallow one above is the larger size which has a gusset then a smaller version without. In fact I made a mid sized version as another option and just a case of tweaking the sizes to get an in between size.

168721EE-9D36-40C6-825C-F5CE0C8010B6F96AC34C-9950-4FEA-A5A3-89F6FF5A1348 The pound coin is to give a sense of their size. There is something very satisfying having a bit of a production line going. My two nieces have received these albeit with one in Cambodia she won’t get it until she is back from holiday.  The little purse has gone to my Big Issue seller, a very sweet girl.

The Fold Up Stitched Folio organiser designed by Aneela Hoey which I covered in this post went to the friend who I introduced quilting to in the summer.



Next up were these two shopping bags.



The ones I’d made myself have been so useful and though I say it myself attractive compared to my normal tote bags. Although to be fair my normal tote bags are the  branded plastic canvas bags, usually a virulent yellow or orange, so anything would be more attractive!

This uses a linen cotton mix and a navy home dec fabric for the bottom section. I went with front and back panels being cut 18.5” by 18.5” square. The linen mix was c12.5” and the dark blue base 7”. They make good sized bags. Both are lined with zip pocket interiors. These were gifted to friends, friends who pretty much have everything. Well certainly now their lives will be even more complete!

And finally another tray but using a new to me design. It’s a bit of a Frankenstein’s monster, being made up of a number of tutorials for fabric box containers. I used Peltex 70F a heavy weight fusible interfacing to give it good structure. It worked well.


This is for the cats to put all their toys in. Obviously it will be me putting their toys in there but  it’s like having young children all over again with toys strewn everywhere! It will be useful for them to be all in one place but accessible. The cats didn’t appear very grateful but it’s often pulled off the shelf so it’s in use. Which incidentally is more than their other principal Christmas present this cat tree.

F70FD1F2-2EEC-40E4-8314-0F07FF9E6EB6The theory behind it is that it provides cats with mental stimulation because to extract the dry food they have to poke their paws through the holes in each layer and push the food so they drop down to the bottom and then get eaten. It’s become very obvious that they have been bred for  beauty and not brains….

Did I get any quilty presents? Well I did get some some for myself. These crochet scissors.

FC852615-DBB7-41F9-829C-A1393E16DBC5These are marketed hard and I succumbed but the reviews had been good. And yes this runner still needs the binding stitched down but at least the wonder clips are a Christmassy colour.

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4 thoughts on “Christmas gifts

  1. The projects you made are lovely and are lovely gifts. Who wouldn’t want to receive one?
    Glad the cats had a gift too. Maybe a long time getting a feed but hunger will win out.


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