Perfect curves….well as perfect as I get anything!


I love curves in quilting. And I love improv quilting so combine the two and it’s all good as far as I’m conccerned. I’ve been playing with curves again and this time took photos of the process so you can have a go.

The original plan was to make something and show how I’d done the curves but when I came to do a curved picture using this fabulous fabric from the Catnip range by Gingiber.


…it got a bit tricksy as the cat picture wasn’t big enough for the curved window so I had to add bits so it became a bit more complicated. I’m afraid other cats in the panel had to be sacrificed to get the same coloured fabric to extend the original!! It just seemed sensible to plough on with this picture and use completely different fabrics for the demo.


I chose 3 shades of solid blue hoping for a 3D effect. Not sure that’s worked out frankly but if you squint your eyes and see it from a distance there’s maybe a hint…

149C3F80-B381-4ACD-98DF-DB3FA01CE42C I used a template to try to get the shape itself  more accurate than last week’s wonky ones. Partly successful on that one.


I was going for a flat look so very minimally quilted round the window and put extra batting under it so the cat picture slightly stands out. It was then just a case of stapling the finished curved picture to a standard art canvas block.

Its supposed to look like Skye our lilac pointed Tonkinese. She’s pointed in her colouring but not so distinct as the picture but it will do for me.


Anyway back to how to do those pieced curves using freezer paper  Firstly and foremostly let me attribute this bit of magic.  Following an IG Post from Hillary Goodwin, Entropy Always Wins  blog she posed the question of who came up with the inset circle technique using freezer paper. That honour goes to Dale Fleming who came up with the technique some years ago.

I understand that Dale has done a YouTube video explaining the technique, I’m sure our mutual friend Google will get you there ….This variation is just an extension of that technique to get an inset curved shape instead of a circle

Imagine you want to sew these shapes together….


You can use raw edge applique, needle turned appliqué or machined appliqué but if appliqué is not your thing and you like the flat look of piecing then you can piece it this way…

take your fabric


Now determine which fabric will have the concave shape.

If we are reproducing the design in the photo above then the blue is the concave shape. Place a piece of freezer paper, sticky/shiny side up under the fabric and cut your curve. Remember that the critical bit of freezer paper is that to the left of your concave curve so make sure that there is at least 2”/ 3” to the left. The fabric and freezer paper to the right are scrap


Now iron the freezer paper to the wrong side of the blue fabric but about 1/2” from th edge.


Make short cuts but stopping about 1/8” before you get to the freezer paper


Now glue these tabs to the freezer paper all along the curve. I use a glue stick but you can use spray starch but I found the dampness distorted the curve of the freezer paper


Once glued down place the blue curved piece right side up on your other fabric and glue in place.


Now if there’s a tricky bit this is it. Turn the whole thing over and unpeel the freezer paper where you ironed it to the fabric. But don’t peel the freezer paper from where you stuck down the tabs.  You need to have the two pieces of fabric that will make the finished block on the left hand side and everything else including the freezer paper when peeled back to the right


Place under the needle…

5FCFF0B1-DB5D-4626-A300-F4D57289FEBFAnd then sew along the curve slowly. The more pronounced and small the curve then reduce your stitch length to say 1.5.

BE15C1AA-E474-4950-9E88-B4CCC099C17FOnce you’ve sewn the entire length of the curve pull off the freezer paper completely

F7D30E25-E3E5-4AEF-A009-78CDD26849ECTrim the seam allowance and then press the curve.  I sewed on an outer straight strip to replicate the original design. And voila

24115D51-1975-4F99-99A7-BCD00999993AIf you like coming up with your own designs this is such a great technique to have up your sleeve.

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