September block for the Threadhouse Retreat Bee


This month’s block for The Thread House Retreat Bee is a variation of a quarter log cabin. These blocks, on point, I think look very special. I’m not entirely sure exactly how I will use them in the final quilt but I’m confident my  friend Pinterest will guide me. If you have any ideas do please let me know.

As to the logs I’m really very relaxed about the width so this is perfect for scraps. And if you are like me I always seem to have oblong strips for scraps.

I’m looking for blues and greens, any shade, any value, print or solids. But ideally not too floral, I’m going for a masculine look.

To make these blocks, and I’d like two please,  start with any size coloured square up to 3” max. Then start to build round your logs on two sides,  which as I say can be any width.  I’ve started both these with a white set of logs but you can have the white logs anywhere as you build your log cabin, just not on the outer edge or the centre square


There are only three rules to keep to please 1) include two sets of white logs as you can see in my examples, preferably 1-2” width, 2) ensure the white logs aren’t the outer logs and finally 3) keep going and trim at 9.5” square.

I’m not the most accurate sewist and after bitter experience with very wobbly logs I tend to square off after each round as below. I find using a square ruler with a 45 degree line helpful.


And that’s really it.  I hope you enjoy making them. As always if you have any queries please contact me.


One thought on “September block for the Threadhouse Retreat Bee

  1. Hello there, I subscribed to your email in the Summer, when I lost my reality sewing mo jo, in the hope of some inspiration by which I really mean time…..what a beautiful Summer . Anyhow , in response to your email I ran these two little bee offerings up after tea this evening but now am wondering are they just too blaaah , don’t have much stash / scraps( yet) I will try attach the pictures 🤔. I live in southern Ireland , postage won’t be that dear if you would like them – if they are not what you are looking for I take no offence Cheers Ann


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