April block for Siblings Together Bee 2

Sorry this is a little late but real life tends to get in the way of doing the nice things in life and that’s what has happened this month to our mama. I usually have a quilt design for these sorts of occasions but not this month! But I had a bright idea. Bee 4 have together made this quilt top..



Looks rather good doesn’t it?  The idea is that it would  be a quilt for an older teen probably a boy. Siblings Together always need this type of quilt because  while most/all of the donated quilts will suit the girls not so many suit for boys. As testament to this, when I was doing a photo shoot my 16-year-old daughter, unsolicited, said how much she liked it. Trust me unsolicited praise about my sewing is very rare in this house. At its best they say  ‘it’s okay’!!

As is often the case I had a few blocks over after making the quilt top. I’m always reluctant to put blocks on the back. It seems such a waste so  I thought I’d ask you to make these relatively straightforward blocks. The only tricky thing is I’m being a bit, or rather, very prescriptive on the colour used as it needs to be limey green/olive. Details are given below. If you don’t have any of the right colour fabric, no worries just use grey/ white. In fact you can see that the grey/white blocks far outnumber the green coloured ones and the quilt is better for it.

Details for making the blocks are here 


Any problems please let me know

2 thoughts on “April block for Siblings Together Bee 2

  1. Hi, thank you for your inspiring and useful Blog! Love your Header, especially the photo of your beautiful Lilac Tonkinese! All most look forward to seeing your cats, as much as quilting things !


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