Siblings Together Bee 4 September block

Another bee year, another bee block. But first a health warning. I’m mama for two Bees this month so please make sure you are following the right instructions…… I often get confused as well!! This block is for Bee 4 coordinated by Jane.

I thought I would give everyone a chance to attack their scrap mountain! And these blocks do use up a fair amount of scrap, I had to dig in twice and the blue scrap drawer definitely slides back in much better!

I would love 2 blocks please.

You will need 2 times 8.5″ squares of bright white fabric

A bunch of blue scraps, any variation of blue, in fact the more variety the better as you can see from the pictures. They need to be cut 5″ long but varying widths from 1.5″ to 3″

Sew the strips together joining the 5″ edges together until you get a 8.5″ length. Do try and make sure your start and finish strips are wider so you don’t have a seam right to one side. You will in fact need 2 times 8.5″ strips and 2 times 13″ strips.

Now sew the strips on as follows

Any finally please trim to 12.5″ square.

I hope that is reasonably straightforward. But any problems do let me know.

3 thoughts on “Siblings Together Bee 4 September block

  1. Hi Jenny, just to let you know that I have received this email from you and also your previous one about the Retreat!



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