March Siblings Together Bee 7 – improv flying geese

I’ve been watching the beautiful creations of people who are currently doing a sew along of the improv triangle blocks from Nicholas Ball’s recently published book Inspiring Improv. These are a few of mine.

It got me thinking that we could do something a bit similar but make them more about flying geese than triangles. So here are the blocks I would love you to make

Now I don’t know the method advocated in the book as I haven’t bought it so I use a method I know for inserting triangles. Feel free to do your own thing and if you hate improv and you like precision sewing just do flying geese using your preferred method, but please make sure it fits the block size and design.

I would like 2 blocks please of improv triangles in a flying geese formation. But note please, as in the picture above, I need one block where the geese are flying left to right and the other right to left.

As to colours I’m going for blues and greens and bluey greens, but no limes or yellowy greens please. As to neutrals, very low value grey/white neutrals please. I initially tried some stronger neutrals as you can see at the bottom of the photo below but they were distracting. Mind you, I used that fabric with the crosses you see in front, but the wrong side. You can use prints or solids.

You can, if you wish, use neutral scraps. I have drawers of scraps so they were my first port of call. Alternatively use a strip of neutral 4” by 16”. But please use 3 different neutrals for your strips.

For the 6 triangles cut squares/rectangles/or triangles of the colour fabric around 3” to 5” for the base and 3” to 4” for the height.

Now to the block itself. Place the coloured square (or precut triangle) over the neutral thus.

This is going to be the first triangle to the left side so please remember to ensure there is at least a couple of inches of neutral to the left of the triangle.

Then cut as shown

Discard the pieces you don’t need

Then flip the triangle over

Sew that seam and iron

Now sew the other seam leaving you with a triangle inserted into the neutral strip. To ensure you have enough seam allowance at the top of triangle you just need to make sure there is bit of a dog ear at the top. But if points get lost ca la vie!

Trim to 3.5” by 15”. Remember to ensure that gap at the end is at least 2”

When doing the second strip I found it helpful to lay the first strip I made above so I could get the placement of the triangle correct.

Then repeat for the third strip but again please ensure there is at least 2” to the right of the end triangle.

As I’ve said you can use scraps and can make a scrappy strip as I’ve done here below and then just cut into it as above.

Your triangles can be precise or skewed. Whatever takes your fancy. They can extend up to the top of the strip or finish lower. If you want them to finish lower, as with the triangle in the middle strip in the picture below, then you need to cut and sew one side at a time. And also unless unless you are using solids which can be flipped over you will need a longer strip to start with.

Now to assembly. As you complete each strip stagger the triangles so with one block they slope left to tight and other one right to left.

Sew them together. You should end up with a block 9.5” by 15”.

In terms of setting I plan to make a ‘lead goose’ as you see in this picture which will go over the top of your two blocks to give that wonderful chevron shape that geese make.

I’m hoping you enjoy making these blocks and the finished design will be effective. Thanks very much and as always any problems please get in touch.

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