My forgotten child….my One Month Goal

When I started quilting a couple of years ago I practised by making quilts for the cats in particular our new kitten Skye, the lilac cat. They remain very much a daily comfort to them and as they are made out of thick fleece and lovely flannel are super snuggly.


Then onto the children. First up was Fin who chose his from an image on Pinterest and wanted an exact copy.  So that was my next project. Let’s just say that I hadn’t discovered the importance of the 1/4″ seam at this point. Anna wanted a quilt which was just a larger version of the cats. So they were both sorted.


imageimageMy eldest son eventually expressed an interest and we agreed fabric and design. So after I had assembled a vast quantity of half square triangles he decided he didn’t  like it after all. It remains in a plastic bag….. So when he somewhat wistfully was looking at the last quilt I made for Siblings Together from bee blocks he reminded me he was deprived of the comforts of a quilt. Poor, poor neglected child….


This time I was wised up….

I had purchased a few FQs of the wonderfully masculine range of Parson Gray fabrics on special offer at a show. I had in mind a Siblings Together quilt for a teenager. I showed eldest son these and he liked them. I showed him a couple of designs which were quick and easy ditto. This time though if he defaulted I had the perfect quilt to gift. But so far, and I’m at the block stage, he likes it. Hurray!!!

imageLess of a hurray is predictably he wants it to have a fleece backing. I don’t blame him, cotton quilts can be quite thin. But I’m not looking forward to wrestling this through my domestic sewing machine. It will need to be a big quilt as he’s 6′ 4″  so I shall go for something very simple and as minimal as the wadding allows. Oh and did I say because he has been ‘forgotten’ he wants the quilt as soon as possible…. So to keep me on track this is going to be my one month goal over with Heidi at Red Letter Quilts  


6 thoughts on “My forgotten child….my One Month Goal

  1. Such cute cats! Looking forward to seeing what you make for your son. On hearing my idea of making a raffle quilt to raise funds for the Chernobyl charity, hubby said to me today, “Suppose I’ll get my quilt some time in 2028!”


  2. What fun. Child Holds Mother Hostage Over Quilt. LOL I like the Siblings quilt, so I’ll love seeing how it looks in these fabrics. There are a bazillion things you can do with the HSTs, and I’m sure you’ll find the perfect star or pinwheel or something for them.


  3. How wonderful it is that your son wants you to make him a quilt! Sounds like you have found the perfect pattern and fabric. OMG, One Monthly Goal will assist in keeping up the motivation to get it done! Your kitties look like they approve their quilts!


  4. Such pretty cats, and they do look well-sorted dont they.
    Love the fabric and looking forward to seeing what you create! At least by waiting, your son will receive a quilt he is not likely to outgrow!


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