To The Wire – One Monthly Goal

image.jpegAs ever I’m grateful that the US are behind us in time so I have that just a little bit of extra time to play with to meet Heidi’s deadline for the One Monthly Goal. In fact the delay in posting has been partly waiting for the skies to clear for an outdoor shot. The weather has been grey and wet here. And when the sun came out I was tied up indoors hence this rather dark picture the best an ipad can do in the circumstances


My One Month Goal was the quilt for my forgotten child….  That child is really a 6′ 4″ late teenager but he’d never had a quilt made before. We picked some Parson Gray fabrics which are so perfect for a masculine quilt and a simple and quick design called Colorweave from Moda Bakehouse. This was a useful design  as I didn’t have masses of fabric and maximum amount of fabric to minimum seams worked well. Mind you I still ran out but I was able to find some more Parson Gray lurking in my stash to pad it out.


But the real challenge was he wanted it heavy and with a fleece background. My heart sank because it was already 80″ x 80″, the size of a double duvet, so basting and quilting was going to be a wrestling match.  Mind you I noticed from my Fitbit reading that boy did I burn some calories and active time doing the basting. So not all bad! The backing was in fact a cheap “Seriously Soft” fleece blanket from Dunelm. That was a great success because it really was seriously soft, so when it came to quilting it had very little friction and slid beautifully along allowing the quilting to be pretty much a doddle. The quilt still weighed a ton.


imageAs ever Skye was on hand to help but quickly got bored and her mouse toy was brought up to the sewing table for a quick game of fetch.

Well I am pleased to say that no. 1 son loves it. He did comment that he thought it would be heavier to which I counted to 10 and said that it was never going to be like a duvet in weight. But once it was finished it was whisked off to his room.  Hence if it’s a bit wrinkly in the picture it’s because it’s already being used and abused, just the way it should!!

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6 thoughts on “To The Wire – One Monthly Goal

  1. This is really nice! I’ll never forget the day my 20-something son lamented that I had never made him a quilt. That was quickly remedied 😊


  2. Used and abused….how perfect for a favorite quilt! I’ll bet it was a challenge to work with in size and weight. A work out indeed! It turned out great. Bravo!


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