Fresh winds – Festival of Quilts

It was my third Festival of Quilts and undoubtedly the most enjoyable from my perspective although not one at which I spent hugely. Having at last introduced a Modern Quilt section amongst the numerous categories of quilts on show, in my view, this made a huge difference. Prior to that the show, which is in part, I understand run by the UK Quilters Guild had a Contemporary Quilts section, which incorporated modern quilts but also encouraged quilts that included other media. But this year we had our own slot and it was the first quilt section out the blocks as you entered and from my observation the busiest.

This isn’t going to be a post with a myriad of pictures just the ones of very many that were beautifully designed and technically stunning that appealed to me. I’ve strictly limited myself to 6….

First up,the quilt of Abigail de Straffe  ‘Shall I stay or shall I stay’


Next to it is  Sunflower Quilt by Jenny Haynes. Both Jenny’s and Abigail’s quilts I’ve seen gradually come together on IG. What you can’t see so well in photos ( which suits me just fine with my less than perfectly constructed quilts) is their technical excellence, every block lines up and those pointy ends on the curved pieces, which are so hard to get to meet up, fantastic. And I guess that distinguishes a show quilt from well the rest like mine…

imageA quilt called Off Centre Medallion made by the very well known and incredibly prolific and original Jo Avery. I’m off on a retreat with her and others next January. I haven’t told the children this or got a teen sitter in tow yet!


Another from IG and Jenny Haynes is Slalom.  You get a close up of how she’s produced this very original quilt. Clever.


I loved this one.  It’s a fairly standard maple block design but in those saturated colours of Alison Glass with their quilt motifs it stands out. This was by Sarah Hbbert called ‘ Taliesin Leaves’


And the final one from the Modern Quilt  show ‘colour an exploded view’ by Jennifer Letchet.  Made with hundreds of half square triangles, again Alison Glass fabric, the clever placement sets it apart



The Quilters Guild also have a competition for all its members on a theme which can be interpreted any way.  This year’s theme was ‘On the beach’.  The well deserved winner was this huge curved quilt 4.5 m long taken from the panoramic photo of a beach scene taken on an iPhone.


The construction of this amazing winner  is very well documented by the quilter Laura Kemshall (although I think artist describes her better as she creates using many media and techniques) on her blog (linked above). There is one photo on her post that had me quite shocked.  After some 250 hours of quilting, followed by printing and other processes there’s a picture of her hosing it down on her lawn….. It’s worth a read. Good for the judges to give the accolade to such an untraditional quilt in every respect.

And my purchases? Well I would have bought a set of Oakshott Ruby Reds but they aren’t due for delivery until later this year and I didn’t want the full set but just to pick and chose. It will have to wait. I have a little (cough) fabric to get along quite nicely until then. I did purchase some tulip pins for a cost I daren’t mention for fear of shocking my mother! And a FQ of this denim fabric.  So quite modest really. There’s always next year….




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