More glitter blocks


More glitter from scraps…..these wonderful glitter blocks from Jen Kingwell’s design continue to be addictive. Which is just as well as having done only 16 out of an estimated 70+ needed I’ve a long way to go.

I’m still marvelling that I’m enjoying hand stitching them. I’d have scoffed at the idea a few months back. After all what are sewing machines for! But being tucked away in my sewing room with the noise of the machine isn’t always conducive to family life. Ie it makes my teens moan that I’m not around to watch films etc. So I started and haven’t looked back even making a new bionic bag for supplies. The project even went on the plane with us.



As I beavered away very predictably my 13 year son next to me was soon whispering it’s ‘sooo embarrassing’. Embarrassing or not, it was highly productive and would have been more so if BA would have allowed me to set up an ironing station on board!!

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One thought on “More glitter blocks

  1. Oh, such pretty glitter blocks! Stick with it and you’ll have all 70 of them finished before you know it! (Perhaps a few more plane trips are in order.) You had me giggling thinking about embarrassing your daughter as you stitched away on the plane, and wishing you had an iron! Someday, she’ll look back at this time with a smile.


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