Sunday Stash – country blues

Er yes I know it’s Monday but Sunday is such not a day of rest sadly as I’m usually steeped in domestic toil….who knew children needed feeding so much and I would end up having to buy in so many supplies all the time!!

Back to Sunday Stash and linking up to host Molli Sparkles….I’m trying hard not to buy quite as much fabric as I did in the my first couple of years of quilting. The theory is  I’m buying just what I need for a project but of course I fall in love with a range and all my good intentions go out the window… That’s my excuse. My latest crush….  Heartwood by Makower.

I’d never make a fabric designer ever, partly because colour selection gives me endless anxieties but mostly because I’d never come up with catchy names  and the name of this collection is perfect.


I love the soft blue and sharp lime as an accent. That stunning low volume in both blue and grey is just so very reminiscent of an English country scene –  I just need to think of a project that merits it and allows the larger prints to shine.

It was at a very reasonable price at The Fabric Guild. Whilst no one could ever say this online (and bricks and mortar) shop has speedy service it does have very low prices and is perfect for backings when you really don’t want to pay £12+ per metre for something that largely gets hidden. Choice of course is the compromise as it isn’t huge but I usually find something that will do just fine. And it’s rare I need something the next day anyway….

My other item of stash are these templates by Jenny Haynes IG PapperSaxSten.


She made this wonderful quilt using these variants of a drunkards path block and it was shown at the Festival of Quilts in the UK recently. I can’t wait to play with them…. perhaps I should combine the fabrics above with these templates!!



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