Finish Along Q3 recap and Q4 proposed finishes

Looking back to Q3 and what I proposed finishing well here is the composite  with the rather modest 50% score. Better than I feared but there are some long standing WIPS that just get moved from quarter to quarter.

img_4412What’s more galling is there are a couple of quilts I finished that never got put down on my target list. So to avoid that I’ve been a bit more ambitious about what could theoretically be achieved but at the same time try to focus on reality with Christmas looming….

So to start with

1. My scrap quilt made almost entirely with scraps. I’ve been a bit stymied by this as I thought I had loads of blue scraps but found I hadn’t enough of the size for a drunkards path block so had to wait until I created a few more scraps to make sufficient blocks. The reason for this determination to make it from scraps is that its for a quilt challenge which has very specific requirements that 80% of the quilt must be made with scraps which is defined as fabric less a FQ in size. This needs to be done soon and there’s no excuse.





2. This is the first of a couple of challenge quilts for the Modern Quilt Group,which is a subset of the UK Quilters Guild. We’ve been given some show space at the Festival of Quilts 2017 which is quite a coup and very exciting. This is the UK’s largest quilt show and some say in Europe as well. So the first challenge is on the theme of the music of Cottonopolis, a name given to Manchester which dominated the cotton industry. I’ve been allocated a couple of songs from Mancunian bands Oasis and The Chemical Brothers. I can choose to interpret the band name and/ or the song into a 24″ square quilt. I’m still mulling over this one but I’m torn between doing Cloudburst, the Oasis song, with lots of improv curve rain drops or going with The Chemical Brothers (no I hadn’t heard of them either) and using the January block of Lady Harventine, a pattern I love and from an earlier one I made you can you see the outline of a round bottle glass flask.  In case I go with that option fabrics with chemistry symbols have been ordered.


3. The next challenge is a 12″ quilt, any design, any colours but it must incorporate 4  2.5″ squares of fabric which have been provided . There are 2 of them in the top left which are low volume designs and 2 batik squares further down. This is my pick at the moment but it may change. If you think I’ve chosen the fabrics to hide these 4 fabrics, particularly the batiks, you’d be right….


4. This is an old faithful string scrap quilt. There really aren’t too many more blocks to do to make this a sizeable quilt. The main reason for wanting to get this done is because it’s taking so much room up in my WIP drawer as the strings are sewn onto paper.


5. I purchased Crafted Appliqué by Lara Buccella.  She’s come up with a clever and very effective technique for appliqué and I just need to finish off this sewing machine cover. Should be a quickish finish.


6. And finally no. 2 son wants a large warm quilt as he’s out grown the first I made him. We’ve chosen a pattern. Not the most inspiring if I’m honest and we have selected  these fabrics. A fleece backing is required….


Here are them altogether which will serve as a useful reminder.


Linking to Nicky Mrs Sew and Sow for the FAL Q4 link up. Wish I was clever enough to add the linky button…..

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