Scraps galore

Tonight has  been a real quilt marathon. Take out meals ordered, newly returned and serviced sewing machine set up on the big dining table and everything in place to convert this top…


Into this quilt…



No outside pictures yet as it’s night here but this gives an impression of its scrappy and colourful design. Update… grey day here but dry enough  for an outdoor shot..


It is destined for Siblings Together, a charity supporting children in care and is the work of ST Bee 2. Thank you ladies! This block is a great scrap buster and was inspired by a quilt I had eyed up on the internet by Katie Pedersen.  I checked with Katie that we could her copy design albeit its simpler and she was fine with that.

Unusually I kept an eye on the clock. I started at around 4.30pm and finished on the stroke of midnight. Just as well as I was getting complaints about the noise from my teenage residents! 7 1/2 hours seems a long time but it flew by and at 80″ by 65″ it is a largish quilt . I also ‘walked’ over 3000 steps in the process. I was obviously in monitoring mood!

I used Quilters Dream Orient.  I’d forgotten how lovely this is, beautifully smooth and fantastic drape. It made basting a cinch and getting to the sandwich stage almost a pleasure. By fluke the quilt’s width was virtually the width of the table so that helped.


In the interests of full disclosure whilst one end of the room was all calm and serene,  the other end well had the proverbial bomb blast look.  No 2 son is a keen cook and very competent but feels he’s failed if he hasn’t  used every bowl  in my drawers and spread himself across every work surface!! This mess was solely to produce some delicious welsh cakes. Don’t you think sewing mess is so much nicer!


Linking up with Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts and Leanne and Nicky for Scraptastic Tuesday

This is a finish under the FAL Q1 2017

13 thoughts on “Scraps galore

  1. Ha Ha – your musings about teenage sons made me laugh out loud. Welsh cakes – I love those and the best are from a tiny bakery in a village in Ceredigion called Betws Ifan! I’m sure homemade ones are just as good – I might even make some myself today. It also made me laugh that they were complaining about the noise from your sewing machine – I bet they more than make up for that many times over. One of our boys when he was at home, was into Psytrance music (not music at all really, just noise) and then he complained about my sewing machine in the room above his bedroom – the whole house used to vibrate when he had his volume up!!!! Love your quilt – it’s really beautiful and a super design. Beautiful colours too – Springlike – now there’s a thought!!


  2. You really were a busy beaver! that quilt looks lovely, and I’m glad your son cooks. I wish I had spent more time teaching mine to cook. ; )


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