Another quarter, another Finish-a-Long (Q2) and One Monthly Goal

Time to review progress on outstanding WIPS over the last quarter and set the next set of targets.

This is the photo montage for Q1.


Four out of five, I will take that. The one unfinished project is a tricky one so I can understand why I’ve left it out and it isn’t making an appearance for Q2…. One day the muse will take me on that WIP but not soon I doubt…

They are blogged here – 1,  2, 3 and 4.

So to the next quarter. I’m being ambitious but also listing a few ‘must’ finishes. Here is the next montage …


And in more detail…

1. IMG_5547

Now this where I’m being very brave.   This is my attempt, and I’m making no guarantees it will come off,  at a quilt to be entered in the modern quilt section of the Festival of Quilts, the quilt show in the UK.   I have made a couple of mini quilts to be shown in the display area the modern quilting group have been given but they won’t be judged officially at least but when entering a quilt into a show you are rather putting your hand up and saying look at me and give me your opinion.  It was only last year that the Festival of Quilts introduced a modern quilt section; the U.K. has taken time to catch up with its US, Canadian and Australian cousins.  But the entries were wonderful and absolutely made  the quilt show for me and I would say for a lot of other people as that section was very busy. So it is quite a brave step as I’m not technically the most proficient.  But I was much taken with Abigail’s approach of Cut and Alter who regularily enters quilts (and wins ribbons) which was along the lines of why not!!   So to that end I am doing a quilt with circles using a technique I’ve done a fair bit and based on this quilt but in a different colour way and bigger. It will be an original design but heavily influenced by quilts and quilters I admire. Wish me luck!!


2. And 4.

These will be a table runner and bag  for the forthcoming visit of children from the Chernobyl area of Belarus and Russia to Wales for the annual holiday event. Jennifer of Glinda Quilts does the organising and a lot of work behind-the-scenes. It will be the second year we’ve done this.

3  IMG_5542

These are 8 inch pink squares leftover from overzealous cutting of thquilt I did last year. They are perfect for a scrappy cot quilt for new baby girl due in July.

5. IMG_5501.JPG


This is another scrappy quilt to try and manage the scrap mountain that would otherwise exist in my sewing room. I have blatantly copied a great quilt design by Katie Pedersen of SewKatieDid. This will be a light relief quilt something to do when I just want mindless sewing.

6. img_5434 I made this quilt which now hangs in my room above one of my bedside tables. It struck me that it would be good to do a similar companion piece to sit above the other bed side table on the other side of the bed as a touch of symmetry would look quite effective.  I don’t want to do an exact quilt but I have plenty of fabric from the silk ties of my late husband and a enough of the same neutral to do something similar but different. I’m looking at this design.



No rush on this one so it may not happen.

7. IMG_5556


The baby girl mentioned for the cot quilt above has a big sister. There will be a 10 year gap between them and I’ve been wanting to make a quilt for this child for some time. This seems a perfect opportunity and I think this cotton and steel fabric is a good fit for a pre teen girl. I hope she agrees!


And finally a new quilt for the lounge where there’s often a  resident slumbering teenager in need of a comfort quilt and the existing quilt in there is in most people’s opinions too small and too thin. This will remind us of our wonderful holidays in South Africa in what I like to think as Downton Abbey in the bush minus formal clothes and British aristocracy.

Last but not least is my One Monthly Goal for Patty of Elm Street Quilts for the month of April. This is a very special but very simple WIP.  After the sad death of Minty our grey cat we wanted to get another cat quite quickly as Skye, our lilac cat,  is really missing having a feline companion. We wanted another grey cat and this is Felix who we will collect mid May.  And of course new kitten, new quilt…



6 thoughts on “Another quarter, another Finish-a-Long (Q2) and One Monthly Goal

  1. I love how you did the photo montages, that is clever and so easy to keep track! You can totally finish up a good bit of those projects. Thank you for linking up on behalf of the 2017 global Finish-A-Long hosts.


  2. Your kitten is gorgeous and of course needs a quilt. You have a great group of projects you want to move forward in this quarter. Good luck with the show entry. I keep thinking I should enter at some point as well.


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