The wrong sex…

I have a young friend who is pregnant. It’s quite unusual for me now to have friends who are pregnant – simply a generation thing. Most of my peers have children on the verge of adulthood or grown up and flown away. But  with a few exceptions, they have so far resolutely refused to have children. Mind you I’m hardly an example of early parenthood as I was 39 when I had my eldest but not entirely through  choice.


So back to Monika this was a great excuse to make a quilt and I duly bought on sale some very reasonably  priced fabric for a blue quilt. I fancied doing a very simple hst quilt rather like the signature quilts of Rita of Red Pepper Quilts.    I’d always liked Elizabeth Hartman’s Pacific line and there was a special offer at new to me online fabric retailer Olive and Flo Handcraft.  I would have ordered two charm packs but I had the last one, but also had some lovely fabric from that range for the backing and a nice blue stripe.  It arrived beautifully wrapped, with a handwritten note from Saira, just lovely.



In fact the stripe was such a nice width and I do make a lot of  blue quilts that I ordered more and added in some April Rhodes Observer fabric. Such lovely muted colours… and of course beautifully wrapped again….


Why was I so certain it was a boy? It’s just that Monika was so sick with this pregnancy and wasn’t with her first child a girl so I was pretty confident. Even to the point that getting the top done was going to be One Monthly Goal for Patty of Elm Street Quilts.  But then the text…


Of course it’s wonderful news whatever the sex, not all pregnancies, sadly, end happily so it was a happy text just it rather scuppered my sewing plans… Yes I do have some pink fabric  but  possibly not enough for a girl’s version. I will be going back to the planning board on that one. So my One Monthly Goal for March will instead be to quilt this top which has been hanging around too long (as you can see from the Autumnal foliage) and deserves to be finished off.



3 thoughts on “The wrong sex…

  1. Life does have a way of throwing us for a loop. So, now you have a boy quilt and soon a girl quilt. You don’t have to use pink for girls — any light fun color would work. My oldest granddaughter would have much preferred a blue quilt than the lovely pink one I made her. Sigh. But that is definitely hindsight.


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