A wrap for Q2 Finish a Long and Q3 target

This was the montage of planned makes for Q2. As per usual I was too ambitious although to be fair quilts as yet undreamt of when I created this montage have been completed. IMG_6263Well 4 have been completed out of 8.

In order, the bag for the visitor from Chernobyl…

IMG_5900The medallion quilt…

IMG_5815The baby quilt…

IMG_6127And finally and up to the wire this quilt destined for someone impacted by the Grenfell Tower disaster…


The rest mostly languished I’m afraid and only two reappear this quarter. So to cut to the chase this is my montage for FAL Q3.


1. A quilt for the charity Siblings Together. These were extra blocks sent by bee members so enough  I think at a push, to make a second quilt

2. Another matching mini quilt made from my late husband’s ties. No urgency on this one so with August and holidays looming this probably won’t get done

3 Now this is urgent. Another quilt for Grenfell using blocks made by my bee mates although we have just overheard that so overwhelming has been the response from around the UK and across the world to this cause with over 1000 quilts gifted then they’ve put a hold on it

4. Again this must be finished by mid July as it is destined for the Festival of Quilts…..

5. With a bit of help from a friend who wants to learn patchwork I’m hoping we can crack through on this quilt. This was again destined for Grenfell but for the reasons above we may have to go for plan b.

6. I bought the divided pouch pattern from Noodlehead recently. I want to gift some nappies and baby stuff using this as the container. Baby arrived last week! And in fact I’ve got it made already.

With a fair wind I should be on track to do at least 4 out 6. But it will be front end loaded so July will be busy.

6 thoughts on “A wrap for Q2 Finish a Long and Q3 target

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