Yes another plus quilt!!


I make no apologies for another plus quilt. It’s such a very versatile design and for an older teen  for the charity Siblings Together quilt is perfect.


My wonderfully generous  bee 2 members had together sent me over 85 blue hourglass blocks when I was the monthly mama last May. I love being mama all that happy mail and all to my design!

The first quilt I made from these blocks was a very clever and effective design by Trudi Wood in a copy of Quilt Now.


But as you can see with all that negative space it is a block efficient design so I had plenty left for quilt 2.  I didn’t want to do the same design all over again so played around with Quiltography.  This is a cheap app circa £10. Very easy to use and intuitive it is good for designing a typical matrix quilt made up of blocks. It’s not so good if your blocks or quilt are non standard but then TouchDraw comes into its own, another cheap app I rave about in this post.

I came up with a range of ideas and picked my favourite


It was a quick make helped by simple quilting. Albeit not helped by the cats who were living  dangerously …..



In fact I still have some 15 or so blocks over for quilt no. 3. This will be a nice holiday project for my mum and me when she comes up in October.  She did offer!!!

On Bee news you may have seen our appeal for more Bee members for Bee 2  which had got a bit on the thin side. Well it went very well, so well not only have we filled the gaps in Bee 2 but started a new Bee 4 more on that later in the month when that kicks  off. If you are one of them welcome on board.

This is a finish on my Q3 FAL list first blogged here

Linking up with Kelly of My Quilt Infatuation and Amanda Jean for  Crazy Mom Quilts 


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