Sunday Stash

I haven’t done one of these posts for some time but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been shopping for fabric. So if it seems a bumper crop of purchases  it is spread over some months and if I’m brutally honest not every fabric purchase is included. I don’t want to alarm my mother!!


So to start with these gorgeous Soulful fabrics by Maureen Cracknell. I’ve wanted a new quilt for the lounge so there are more quilts to throw over each other than just the one existing quilt. My lounge and indeed whole house has warm colours, we have more shades of cream than you can possibly imagine and every room has muted warm colours.  The lounge is dominated by a beautiful terracotta Indian rug and I’ve been looking for a fabric range that would complement it for ages. Someone suggested Fig Tree fabrics and some of the earlier ranges would have worked but not the latest. The Soulful range, particularly the Soft and Gentle colour way which focuses on caramels, apricots and  terracotta but not the plums, looked perfect.  The only problem was finding it in the UK. I think one shop now has some but not the full range so I had the bright idea that I would order from America but have it delivered to our US holiday address.  So whilst the children chose western riding boots and hoodies  for their holiday presents I choose fabric. Be honest it’s exactly what you would have done!


With that haul I’ve also ordered this Galaxy print of the Encyclopaedia Galatica range. One of the many quilt designs I would like to do is the mariner’s compass as a wall hanging and I thought this would make a rather splendid central circle.


I had been lusting after a particular  ombré screen print that the very talented Karen Lewis had shown on her IG account. But I wasn’t the only one as they sold out very quickly. But when Karen said a new batch had been freshly printed  I very selfishly nabbed three. Whether I can bring myself to cut them up is another matter.


And another screen printed fabric by new printer on the block Helen Steele which I nabbed at the Festival of Quilts. These are beautiful as well. I’m waiting for inspiration.


And yes you do spy black/grey batiks in the background, not my normal fabric purchase, but these have a very specific purpose of a cat portrait and their variability and stiffness will work perfectly for that.  I hope because if not they are unlikely to end up anywhere else!

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Stash

  1. I follow you on ig, this is the first I have come across your blog. I love these fabrics, the Alison Glass fabrics, I bought some of her fabric myself in the last week, and I REALLY love the geographical fabric at the end of your post. Look forward to seeing what happens with it.


  2. Sometimes it’s good that other people who are kinda close to you don’t read your blog! I really like the new screenprinted fabrics you’ve added… I can see how cutting them could cause anxiety.


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