Recap of FAL for Q1 and plans for Q2

Not a whole of lot of progress I’m afraid on the Finish Along targets for Q1.  Only 2 out of 7 as the photo composite shows.


The dotted tick is to represent a quilt finished just the wrong side of the quarter. But the key word is it is finished. But my successes were as follows

1. The triple pouch



2. The medallion quilt


Frankly I found the triple pouch a pain but I was really pleased by the medallion quilt. Virtually all scraps apart from the white; I think there will be more medallions in my future.

I’m not going to be too harsh with myself as there were quite a few makes finished in the last 3 months, it’s just they weren’t even a twinkle in my eye at the beginning of the quarter so don’t count.

So to my next set of finishes for next quarter I have thrown in the kitchen sink…..everything that is most definitely a twinkle in my eye!




1. Another clever design from Aneela Hoey called the booklet pouch

2. A quilt made from house blocks, in theory should be an easy finish10. Another log cabin quilt from extra blocks from Siblings Together Bee 2

3. A quilt made using left over strips from a quilt made back last year. In fact I be just finished this one  ahead already!

4. Another tote bag, started inspired by the lovely Poppy’s @cuckooblue new scrappy tote and yet another tote bag for the Chernobyl visit from children from that region.

5. A baby girl quilt for a friend’s first granddaughter, after having sins and grandson I’m going for pink for this first girl

6. A quilt from left over extra blocks this time from the Siblings Together Thread House Retreat Bee

7. New York Beauty quilt. I’d love to think this would be finished but frankly there’s a lot to do and they are slow blocks

8. This might go to Festival of Quilts. It’s a modern version of the classic Robbing Peter to pay Paul

9. Maybe another challenge quilt for the Modern Quilt zgroup f the Quiltets Guild on the theme fooling the eye. Just some test blocks

10. Yet another quilt from extra blocks made by very generous Bee members

6 thoughts on “Recap of FAL for Q1 and plans for Q2

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