Review of Quilt Finish Along Q2 and Plans for Q3

Reviewing what I said I hoped to finish in Q2 this year I was surprised to see, despite the last few fallow weeks, that I was quite productive. And what I thought was my solitary creation of June was in fact not strictly true with a couple of finishes in early June.

This is the usual Q2 montage showing successes and failures.


So item 2 was finished and is a Thread House Retreat bee for Siblings Together. Incidentally this was the time, a couple of months ago, when I had a lawn and not a parched prairie! The UK is going through a very hot and extended dry period.


Item 3 was another quilt for Siblings Together this time from left over blocks.



Item 4 was a bag for one of the children that has come over from the Chernobyl region for a hoiday in N Wales. The lovely Jen organises us each year to make bags and table toppers. Look at that lovely green grass…..sob



Item 5 a baby quilt for a friend’s first grandaughter



Item 6 is another bee quit this time another Thread House Retreat Bee quilt, in fact the second quilt from this block as I had so many sent from my kind bee mates.




Now to Q3. Part of the time we are away on holiday but if I can get some free time I should be able to get back on track. So I’m going to be ambitious…..


1. is a ST quilt by Bee 4.  This is getting a bit overdue  The problem was it needed a fair few extra blocks.

2. This is another ST quilt by Bee 2 this time. I have the blocks though again a few extra may be needed

3. This quilt top needs to be quilted. I think this could be a favourite

4. I’m determined to crack on and get this pattern made of Aneela Hoey called the booklet pouch

5. A bit of an experiment this one. A scrappy Robbing Peter to Pay Paul design but hopefully modernised

6. I need a replacement quilt for the kitchen  I like these first few blocks for their 3d effect




3 thoughts on “Review of Quilt Finish Along Q2 and Plans for Q3

  1. You got quite a lot done last quarter so I’m sure you will make loads of progress this quarter as well. It’s been extremely hot and dry in my part of the world as well, Ontario Canada.


  2. Impressed by what you completed in Quarter 2 – hope your 3rd Quarter is just as productive. I only put one on my list as this is my first time participating. I see the bar has been set high – lol


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