2019 – what next

I like to have some sort of a plan for quilting if not, sadly, for anything else! It gives  me some idea of what I want to do and where the priorities lie at least at this point in time. It’s interesting to look back at last year‘s plan and have a laugh at what you thought you’d achieve!

My actual review for 2018 is here but recalling what I’d hoped to do in the year set out at the end of this post and its a mix of success and failure.

I did get to finish a number of quilts for Siblings Together, there is a lovely flannel backed quilt under which  I sit in our lounge which has become a family favourite and I did get to make a baby quilt for a friend but I think only 4 glitter blocks were added to the pile and no entry to the Festival of Quilts.




So to this year in broad terms….

1) Yes I’d like to keep on with my glitter quilt. I’m going to have a go at sewing them. Yes I know handsewn blocks and machined blocks may well look different to the trained eye but mine is so not trained…


2) Lots more quilts for Siblings Together. I’ve stepped back from making monthly blocks for a couple of the bees and only make for 2 now but as we are very short of quilt makers I do that for a number of bees.

3) I don’t think I’ve ever made a solids only quilt. I may try that this year.

4) keep on top of my scraps. My large scrap drawer is bulging….I’m wondering about a drunken path quilt…..


5) I must do my son’s 21 st birthday quilt before he is 22!

6) Try to be really disciplined about keeping the sewing room tidy and the process more organised and less messy. I tend to leap in and start cutting when I haven’t cleared away the previous project.

As to immediate plans these are my Q1 targets

1. Assemble and finish off these blocks for Siblings Together there are a rather scary 7 quilts to assemble and quilt and 1 top that needs quilting



2. Quilt a top for Kate, another ST quilt. a beautiful strong design quilt perfect for an older boy.  Watch this space…

3. Do something with all the scraps in the picture above before the drawer breaks literally. It’s an old Victorian pine chest….

4. Experiment with sewing glitter blocks. I still love the design.

5. Don’t enter Festival of Quilts.  It’s GSCE year for the twins. The summer will be fraught enough!

6.There are a couple of items of secret sewing for friends.


Well before we slip into February I better get this post off.


Linking up with a great idea to encourage blogging with Helen at Archie the Wonderdog for some furtling…..

6 thoughts on “2019 – what next

  1. Nice plans Jenny! I have given up trying to make sewing plans, I seem to break them more than to make them. Now its just project by project. And thanks for including the SBT quilt on the list and volunteering to quilt it for me. I just finished machine quilting a quilt last year – first time ever – and for the moment am too scared to try it again, so back to the hand quilting. And PS – quilts with solids is super fun! I am just about finished with my sister’s one: https://www.instagram.com/p/BsGP8X8nxXy/


  2. They sound like lovely plans – stepping back from montly block making to concentrate on the making up and quilting process sounds like an excellent idea, but I bet it’s hard to keep up with the tops coming in! Good luck with your 2019 and Q1 goals – not entering FoQ this year is verrrry sensible indeed! Thank you for linking up and spreading the word about furtling!


  3. Gosh, lots of lovely plans! You’re going to be very busy and I can’t wait to see your makes. My ‘to do’ list fairly short at the moment but I just know it’s going to balloon. Thank you for sharing yours 😉


  4. All I can say is WOW! Your quilts are absolutely wonderful. Thanks for the inspiration in planning too … I have plans in my head but really need to write them out. Furtling with Archie will help a bunch! 8)


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