Smorgasbord quilt – February block for Siblings Together Bee 2

E85641C2-B9B8-4C9B-9F88-9590883D7ACEDo not be alarmed dear Bee member, the block above is not the one I’m asking you to make. I know this Bee is chockful of very talented and experienced quilters able to make this block its just it takes a lot of time and these Bees are about doing something fun, reasonably quick and fulfilling.  And preferably using scraps….

So my plan this month is to use the foundation pieced block above as the centre of a medallion quilt. Raiding my spare blocks project bag recently I found quite a few spare blocks that had been made for other quilts where  I had just made too many.  It then struck me it would be fun, with your help, to do another medallion quilt similar to this one I made from left over blocks from a couple of Bees.


Bee Blocks for February


Ok scene set; I’d like the following blocks, a smorgasbord of shapes/designs….. but mostly a square in a square.

I would like you to make 2 square in square blocks at unfinished 4.5″ size and 2 square in square blocks at unfinished 8.5″ size.  Then a strip block 6″ by 12″ with strips any size but no bigger than 4″. 


The colours of the squares in the square need to be any blue or any green and the neutrals light grey/white/print or solid (but no tan or cream).

The strip block needs to be made of any blue or green fabric. 

No fabrics please overtly childish or flowery. 

Square in Sqare blocks

There are many methods and use the one you are familar with but  I saw on Stitched in Color, one of my favourite blogs, a new to me method which I’d  not come across before but I found really useful from this Hydde Ann’s blog.

Please follow the instructions given in the above link  for the 4.5″ unfinished block but I didn’t bother to cut the coloured square from the fabric diagonally.  For the 8.5″ unfinished block the corresponding sizes are from the coloured fabric cut 1 x 6 1/8″ square and from the neutrals cut a 2 x 5″ square. With the two 5″ squares cut diagonally to make 4 triangles.

Don’t forget please to trim the blocks to 4.5″/8.5″.  Do not worry if they are not perfect. As I’ve said  before perfection is overrated!

Here are  some pictures to make it clearer.



Strip block

For the strip block just sew together any green or blue strips of any width up to a maximum of 4″ and then cut to 6″ by 12″ as the picture below. If it’s wonky like mine that’s fine



As always if there are any problems please let me know


3 thoughts on “Smorgasbord quilt – February block for Siblings Together Bee 2

  1. Hi Jenny,

    You have sent me this email but I’m in Bee 7 not Bee 2! Although none of the ‘mamas’ seem to know that I’m in 7.

    Love the emails but just think you have you have me in the wrong email group!



    Sent from my iPhone



  2. A quick query: are you sure you want the oblong strip block trimmed to 6 X 12, not 6 1/2 X 12 1/2? Kate ( not sure if I AM in Bee 2, but willing and able to contribute)

    Sent from Kate’s iPad



    • I will send an email but yes I do. The reason being is that I suspect these blocks will have a bit of movement in them shall we say and so I plan to cut them down to 5 1/2 inches to make a 5 inch border in the medallion quilt itself. But thx fir checking. You know me well, mistakes are in my dna!


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