Siblings Together Bee 7 July block – Rippling Sea

I love blocks that use up scraps as I try to reduce the volume of scraps so I can close the drawers that hold them! I came across this design on Pinterest and this very simple but effective block needs 2 pieces of fabric about 9.5″/10″ by 12″ each, perfect for larger scraps.

I’m after a blue quilt, but any shade of blue and it could be a solid blue or a print. (I know the block on the right looks black but it’s actually a dark blue!). Nothing too flowery please. The neutral needs to provide good contrast and preferably grey or white tones as opposed to tan/cream. I’m hoping that this will resemble the sea. We are land locked here in Solihull and we choose to holiday in a location that is also landlocked so I miss the sea.

Anyway as to what is needed please cut out 2 pieces of fabric 9.5″ by 12″.

Now let the slashing begin! You can slash pieces off and combine them as you go. But what I did was to put the fabrics both right side up and then make 5 or 6 cuts.

Please feel free to add in some wonk as I think that makes it look as if it’s rippling more. I then reassembled them thus. I put them on my wadding board which is just a piece of wadding on an old folder cover to take them over to the machine to sew. Easy peasy!

You will then need to join them together to make a block which I’d ask you to trim to16.5″ by 8.5″.

Top tip! When I was sewing these together I was a little haphazard with my seam allowance thinking I’d got masses of wriggle room. But in fact when I combined the above two blocks together it was still short of 16 1/2 inches long so I had to add another strip. Hardly the end of the world but one to watch.

Any problems or queries please reach out as always.

Oh and remember we don’t make blocks in August so these don’t have to get to me until September. And yes where’s the summer gone!

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