Siblings Together July block for Bee 4

A word of caution to start with, I’m Mama for two bees the month of July so this is for bee members of. Bee. It’s easy to get confused, I am afraid it happens to me very frequently but at least this block design is going out on time!

Its a nice and simple block of just half square triangles (hst). I saw the design on Rachel’s Stitched in Color. She is a regular blogger and well worth following not just for quilty inspiration, of which there is masses, but she shares her life, stuff like the hugely brave adventure of moving to The Netherlands from the USA. I had also seen the design in a quilt magazine so it’s not unique but another way, out of myriads, of using hsts.

So the plan is quite simple. I’d like you to make two complete blocks. Each block contains 8 hsts. The hst need to be 4 1/2 inches unfinished size and then when they go into the block they will become 4″ finished size. I will leave you to choose the best method for you for doing hst. There are multiple of ways and we all have our favourite.

My preferred method is using Bonnie Hunter’s Essential Triangle Tool. The downside is you are sewing on the diagonal as opposed to the straight but the upside is the speed. You cut strips, you put them right sides together, you cut triangle pairs and then chain sew them together. Provided your 1/4″ seam is good (well good enough…) then they don’t need trimming other than one dog ear.

As to colour I am relaxed but I was thinking no especially bright colours or any primary colours, so no bright red, bright blue etc You will see I’ve chosen prints but no primary colours. As to neutral as long as there is a good contrast and it is light then go for it.

If you recall we have August off to allow for most of us who will be away a part of the next two months. So no rush…

Have a good few weeks and enjoy the summer.

2 thoughts on “Siblings Together July block for Bee 4

  1. Welcome to the first two months of our Siblings Together Mini Block Drive. By the way the blocks aren’t mini, just the length of each block drive! For more information about this new project please see our earlier post here. One slight change is that, as you will see from this post, we have decided to post instructions for the month’s blocks here on the blog for those of you who do not use Instagram. Our first Monthly Mama is Tricia who wrote a wonderfully inspitaional post about why she supports quilts for Siblings Together which can be read here. Now over to Tricia who will tell us about the blocks she would like us to make. SIBLINGS TOGETHER MINI BLOCK DRIVE by Tricia (yondergirlie on Instagram) The quilts we are going to be making are based on the pattern Sunny Skies by Missouri Star Quilt Company, who very kindly gave me permission to use this pattern for the block drive. Their only stipulation is that the quilts are not sold. There is a YouTube video available if you want to make a whole quilt yourself. For the purposes of this drive I have resized the quilt into a square so that we don t need half or quarter blocks. Please make as many blocks as you can, and when you are ready email me at for my address. Thank you so much for supporting this wonderful cause!


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