Hand sewing bag – Bionic Gear Bag no 3

Never would I have thought I’d actually need a bag for hand sewing items but to my surprise I’m really enjoying some slow stitching of Jen Kingwell’s glitter blocks and of course that calls for a new bag.


imageI ummed and ahhed about what type of bag from a simple draw string bag to one of the more complicated types but in the end I came back to my favourite, the Bionic Gear bag. The winning feature for me is the tray at the front which holds all the many bits you need to grab and keeps them from rolling off the table. I chose my current favourite fabrics,  this lovely AGF denim print, inside  a Denyse Scmidt print and the library print from Paperie another AGF fabric




For those of you familiar with the design you will notice that I have reduced the number of zip pockets from four down to two. I wanted a large space for the fabric pieces themselves so I ditched the middle two zip pockets and with a bit of pattern adjusting it came out just fine.


Skye is expanding her skill set is now a bag inspector as well as quilts. Looking for all those pesky threads…

I also reduced the amount of interfacing as I want it to be a squishy bag so it could come travelling without taking up too much space. The plan is this bag and its contents come on a long haul flight to the US for our family holiday. I’m really rather looking forward to the my teenager’s reactions on the plane when they see me get this bag out and start sewing. I would put good money on the phrase ‘soooo embarrassing’ being used!!!

In fact it won’t be the only bionic bag coming along for the ride. Fed up with all the multiple chargers, leads etc etc for all my electronic devices I made a version this time with 5 colour- coordinated zip pockets.  Green for apple, black for my camera, teal for the Fitbit, pink for some external batteries and white for meds. This fabric is another favourite and the horses are spot on as that’s what we will be doing and this time as Mum has more horseback experience than them they won’t be finding her ‘sooo embarrassing’!!


This is first Q3 FAL finish from my target list here and my July One Monthly Goal  with Heidi at Red Letter Quilts.

Linking up with Jenn at A Quarter Inch from the Edge TGIFF , Amanda Jane at Crazy Mom Quilts. 

Linking up with Nicky at Mrs Sew and Sow as this is a finish epunder the FAL Q3 2016  and here my list of proposed finishes  






9 thoughts on “Hand sewing bag – Bionic Gear Bag no 3

  1. Brilliant adaptation! I really like the larger center section, &, I would be proud to sit with you while you stitch. That cracked me up! I recall cringing when my mother would pull out her earmuffs. Kids!


  2. A marvelous bag, new to me. It is so practical. Where did you get the pattern? I needed that yesterday on a car trip instead of fumbling around my purse for everything. BTW, my post is acting weird, just hit the Home button and it will show up.


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