My drawer of shame….. or delight?


This innocent chest of drawers holds secrets. The large drawers are a depository of all my unfinished projects and planned projects that have rested there, in some cases, for more than 2 years.  And many of them are no nearer completion than they were when they were carefully tucked away.

I was reminded of my drawer of shame by a wonderful post by Stephanie of My Vintage Inspiration  which I chanced across, as you do, when surfing the internet and more specifically the blog of another very talented sewist  Kate of Fabrikated. Stephanie is an accomplished knitter and dressmaker and her post which is almost confessional in tone, very entertainly goes through all of her ‘stash of shame’, the many bags of knitting projects started or planned. It struck me that just over 2 years into this hobby I ought to do the same. So I opened that drawer and in true confessional mode the drawer above as well….

Well there were many project bags – I use those cheap craft bags from Hobbycraft some of which I’ve put a see through vinyl front  on like this one. Dear reader I shall not tell you how many bags as I do not want to be responsible for upsetting you



These craft bags  work well, big enough for all the projects I do but not too big for the smaller projects and at £1 each having a few extras is not a huge investment.  And being bags as opposed to project boxes, like the ones below, they collapse down if not too full so you are not storing air. I know lots of people use these storage boxes but having trialled them they just take up too much room for me at least.


In fact I had a great afternoon going through the drawers.

Some long term projects like this one below I fell back in love with and realised that I had sufficient blocks to finish the top at least. That one has become a priority as being scrap strings sewn on paper they were taking up a lot of space.


This drunkard path block project is also very near completion, well at least all the blocks are done. This one is going to be my October One Monthly Goal for Heidi at Red Letter Quilts as it’s been lurking around too long. And so far this year every OM goal I’ve set I’ve met, even if I went to the wire on occasions. I always feel I’m letting Heidi down if it doesn’t get done. I’m sure, the nice person that she is, she won’t hold it against me but it’s just enough psychological pressure to get it done. I think it will be destined for the Siblings Together charity.


I also came across projects which are now redundant. For example this project bag was filled the fabrics I was planning to use to make another Sew Together bag.


I made my first last year and another one as a pencil case for one of the children and I fully intended to make this one for sewing stuff as I liked the design so much.  However I came across the bionic gear bag which also has multiple zip pockets but also has this very useful ‘tray’ at the front to hold all manner of things when you are sewing. For me that just makes it a more functional bag. So it meant this project bag could be emptied and the fabrics put back into stash.  A win all round.

Another bag I opened (it was beginning to feel a bit like present opening at Christmas by now!!) had these gorgeous fabrics in it.


I chose these fabrics at last year’s Festival of Quilts in Birmingham.  I came across these lovely screen printed images from a lady (wish I could remember her name) who made these in her home in South Africa and had taken a stand at the FoQ.  We’ve had some wonderful holidays on safari in South Africa and I thought a memory quilt would be fun to make.  We need a warmer and thicker quilt in the lounge and this one is coming up the list.

All in all an afternoon confronting my shame turned out rather fun and came up with some surprisingly delightful WIPs that really deserve the light of day and not hidden in a drawer. Now to just get on with stitching them!!



7 thoughts on “My drawer of shame….. or delight?

  1. Thank you for the kind reference to my post. Your projects are all so beautiful and your storage method neat! I especially love the South African animals. I hope you finish up the ones that have reinspired you. I also felt refreshed after going through my unfinished projects, although I will have to resort to a mixture of making and giving materials away to get through mine.


  2. What a gorgeous set of drawers … and such delights within. I love the idea of the bags with a see through front. My WIPs tend to live on the cutting table for most of the time so it gets very cluttered and hard to use!


  3. You have a lot of fun projects lurking in the drawer! Have fun meeting the goal. I also like the psychological push of being accountable to Heidi…although I’m not always successful.


  4. My, what delightful drawers you have.
    Seriously, you have real treasures going on! I get a bit overwhelmed when I organize UFO’s, but usually I am rewarded with fabric returning to the stash!
    Love both the projects you deciding to work on:)


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