Q3 Finish Along round up and Q4 targets

A brief catch up on what I’d hoped to achieve over Q3.



Not too bad…. 5 out of 6. In summary the finished projects looked like this…

1. IMG_67952. Fail but I’ve gone off this project for the moment.

3. IMG_66944. IMG_64345.



IMG_6307Now to the next Quarter. Here’s the usual montage….

BAE741C4-F8FF-4D24-AE59-C50F33D5C9AA.jpegSo in order…


1. These are Bee blocks from Bee 2. These need sashing and then putting on point. Quite a bit of work is involved but I want this done by year end so it’s ready for me to take to the Threadhouse Retreat so I can give this Siblings Together quilt to Nicky who collects them all in.

2. I’ve purchased this book with the intention of making some of the sewing organisers in there. Not sure this really counts as a proper FAL item but as something I’d like to finish this quarter then it counts fo me

3. Another Siblings Together quilt, the first block for the newly formed Bee 4. Again I want this ready to take to Nicky.

4. Hopefully this beautiful Soulful  fabric by Maureen Cracknell  quilt for the lounge will get finished. Cold weather, well what classifies for cold weather in mild temperate U.K., is coming and this will be lovely to snuggle up with!! I’ve already bought a flannel backing, cream not the disastrous  deep red flannel  used on another quilt here

5. These will hopefully become see through project bags to contain my WIPs. This one is started but I have a lot of WIPs so need a lot of bags….

6. Another hourglass quilt for ST -see the pattern here so I can hand it over in the New Year

7. A beautiful ombré screen print from Karen Lewis to be made into something but can I cut into it ?

I’m cautiously optimistic of at least a 50% success rate……but don’t hold me to it.

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6 thoughts on “Q3 Finish Along round up and Q4 targets

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