Hourglass quilt 3

392071F9-9EF6-49C7-9A6C-9B32081FE9E4You would  be forgiven for having a sense of deja vu with this quilt – it’s the third hourglass block I’ve done since the summer arising from an amazing bumper crop of blocks provided by members of the Siblings Together Bee 2. Those who set the block design tend to find if the block is relatively simple like this hourglass block then Bee members send more than the requested number. I think most of us who are in such Bees allocate in our minds a certain amount of time to do their monthly blocks and if we complete them quickly there is this compunction that we haven’t done our bit so do more! But even I didn’t anticipate quite the number I got.

Quick recap.  This was Quilt 1 the great design by Trudi Woods in the magazine Quilt Now.



This is the next quilt, random pluses….


And finally another picture of quilt 3


I’ve noticed that a number of quilters work in their local quilt shops. Makes perfect sense if you want to work in a retail environment that interests you and presumably you enjoy a bit of a staff discount. Certainly my local quilt shop has some very knowledgeable quilters on their team. But it’s not a job for me if yesterday’s cutting debacle is anything to go by.

I had got two large lengths of fabric, one to provide the side panels on the front and the other for the backing. I never like this part of cutting hence my likely failure in that type of job  as keeping track of the need for a 70” length versus say a 6” square is much harder. Well it didn’t go well – I cut but hadn’t measured twice shall we say and the side panels were 2” short. I could have pieced a bit extra in to get the length needed but that would have looked well make shift.  There was nothing for it but to use the backing for the side panels this time measuring twice… but then I needed to piece the back together to make use of the miscut long length. Oh well you live and learn…

It was not the only near disaster.  Having basted the quilt it was left lying around and I then discovered Felix chewing one corner and trying to gulp down strips of wadding.  He is a greedy cat but this seemed both reckless and destructive on his behalf. He’s certainly testing his nine lives! Oh and that broken 12.5” square ruler was his fault having made a flying leap from the dining table to the island unit and skidding on the ruler.


I love making quilts for this fantastic charity gifting quilts to children in care who are separated from their siblings. Being Bee mama is nothing but pleasure, you set the design, lots of happy mail arrives and making the quilt is quick and easy because everyone else has done the work, what’s not to like (aside from cutting errors!). Thanks to the generosity of Bee members of both Bee 2 and Bee 4 we’ve got quite a few under our belt. I’ve decided to do a separate tab on the menu above to keep track of either the Bee quilts I’ve  been mama or my own donated quilts. It’s hard to pick my favourite  but you see see blue is a recurring theme to make them gender neutral. But frankly what with these quilts and the one for our family room I leaving the blues behind for a bit.

Linking up with Kelly at My Quilt Infatuation and Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts

This is a finish under my FAL targets Q4

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