Q4 FAL wrap up and Q1 FAL targets

So Q4 turned out to be quite productive and out of 7 items 5 got finished. In fact if you allow for the one that got done in the first few days of the New Year that takes it to an all time record of 6 out of 7!!

Here’s the usual montage and links back to the posts.


1. Lake Cabin Quilt


2. Sewing Folio


3. Bow tie quilt


4. Soulful quilt


5. Project bags


6. Hourglass quilt 3


7. Fail…..


So to Q1. Oddly I don’t seem to have as many long term WIPs waiting to be done as I thought which is probably a good thing. I have plenty of things I’d like to have a go at and new projects in mind but they are not covered by the Finish Along which is targeted at projects on the go and not a twinkle in your eye.

This is my montage…


In more detail

1. Using 4 left over blocks from when I was Mama for Siblings Together Bee 4 (ST) as the start point for a medallion quilt

2. I’ve partly cut out a triple pouch from Aneela Hoey’s new book.

3. I recently made a coin quilt to use up blue scraps. I’ve a fair few strips left over and again they will form the foundation of a quilt for ST.

4. I came across this beautiful paper pieced block during a sort out. It is wasted sitting in a project bag so I plan to make it into a table topper for Jennifer who collects items for the children who come over from Chernobyl for a holiday to take back as presents.

5. Inspired by a free Irish Chain type quilt pattern from the Fat Quarter Shop and the fact I have thin strips of scraps galore this is the start of a baby quilt.

6. And my oldest WIP. It’s appeared before in these montages and I really don’t know why I don’t get it finished but this quarter I will. Guaranteed, if only to stop me from having to trail back through thousands of photos to find the image to include in the montage!!  It will also provide a welcome relief from all those blues/green quilts

7.  And some left over quarter log cabin blocks for another quilt for ST.

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