Finish along – Quarter 3

Quick Q2 recap

Looking  back to start with at my FAL Q2 finishes I managed 3 out of 6. Not great but in fact I did lots of other projects over the quarter that weren’t even a twinkle in my eye at the time I drew up my list for Q2. This is because I’m utterly selfish with my sewing – I do what I want to do!! After all in the rest of my life that rule rarely applies, children have to be fed, clothes washed, things, so many things, put away, emails to write, meetings to attend etc etc… So when it’s my hobby I want to do what inspires me rather than what I have to do so not everything gets finished…or at least on time.



The finishes for Q2 have been blogged here, here and here.

Q3 – what next.

These are some projects that I hope to achieve over the next 3 months but if my eye wanders forgive me!

1. A scrap quilt using a vast number of neutral scraps and playing with the drunkards path design. Quite a way to go.



2. Easy peasy one that just needs the binding and then off to Project Linus. All scraps.



3. Next up a long standing improv WIP started a few months back. I would say half of the piecing is done just needs to be pulled together.


4. Another bionic bag (or similar) for hand stitching supplies.  Maybe these fabrics.


5.  This is a long standing scrap project but needs doing and probably off to Siblings Together.




6. Now this one is urgent. My next challenge quilt. Needs to be done for the Festival of Quilts. No, it’s not been selected to be shown there, I’ve not been brave enough to enter anything, but I’m handing it in at the Quilters Guild stand to be shown with others from the Quilter Guild modern group at a show in Bristol.


7. This is a jelly roll of the lovely Violette by Free Spirit.   I’d love to make a quilt with this but this just may have to remain a twinkle in my eye…




8.  And finally it would be wonderful to get this Urban Candy quilt done having used the Quick Curve Ruler. This is all for me in my newly decorated bedroom.

6 thoughts on “Finish along – Quarter 3

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