Glitter from scraps

imageI’ve loved the glitter block ever since I first came across it. This classic Jen Kingwell design, from her book Quilt Lovely, is just perfect for scraps.  In fact if you look at the original glitter quilt, which I have shamelessly copied below, I couldn’t begin to imagine how many fabrics are in there and on closer inspection some of them, frankly, are definitely on the ugly end of the scale! But somehow they all work together and it could really be that heirloom quilt.

Jen Kingwell’s quilt not mine – sadly!! What an amazing room to shoot in  image

These blocks are not quick to make. Quite how the very busy and talented Jen Kingwell manages to do all this and all the other quilts she makes in addition to writing books, running a quilting business, designing fabrics  and appearing at every major quilt show is quite beyond me. Maybe, and I could fully appreciate this,  she involves friends. Or she’s discovered how to survive without sleep.  Admittedly I’m new to hand sewing and this type of cutting out, marking the seamlines and then putting it all together again, but I guess each one takes comfortably over an hour. And of course that assumes, unlike the block below, that I don’t keep needing to re-do seams!  As you can see the bottom left hand corner looks a little drunk!


My glitter blocks are from a whole bunch of ‘warm’ coloured scraps left over from one of my many WIPs. I wanted a project that I could do sitting in the lounge with the children and it’s perfect for that and the #Saturday Night Craft Along on IG which is hosted by Lucy of Charm About You here in the UK, Rachel of Barefoot Crafter in Aus and Meg at Myteaandbrie in the US. How wonderful it would be to have the time to craft a-along through all the time zones!

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